Colleen's Perspective

"First off, congratulations on your engagement!  I am thrilled to be considered to be part of such an important day and can't wait to meet in person to hear all the details of your pending nuptials.  I believe my greatest talent as your wedding photographer lies in my ability and passion to use classic, beautiful lighting, artistically blended with the emotion of the moment and the natural elements for that perfect image. At the end of the day,  I want to not only document the events, but to capture how incredibly beautiful you are as bride and groom. I feel the need to show your eyes, not only the color but the love and happiness within them.  I am a hopeless romantic and still cry at every wedding and I promise to instill in every image that same emotion.  It is your love story and I am honored to tell it through my photographs!

I am an established and accomplished professional photographer with over 300 weddings under my belt. I have shot everything from elegant destination weddings in Italy to a hoedown ceremony at a local farm.

One thing I have learned is to expect the unexpected… I have steamed wedding dresses, tied ties, pinned on boutonnieres and buttons, cut cakes and have even done the bride’s makeup because the stylist’s car broke down on the freeway.

I have an incredible team and no matter the circumstances you can count on us to help make your wedding day the best and most memorable day of your life!

Every wedding has a life of it’s own and I am always amazed by the deep friendships, great love and joy that beats within the heart of each wedding.  We are dedicated to the preservation of those moments."



"First… we meet- this is the most important day of your life and you will be spending the greatest part of it with your photographer.  You want to make sure it is a perfect fit.

Second… whenever possible I would like to set up a photo shoot so that you and I can become more comfortable with each other prior to your wedding day.  Engagements-Boudoir-Editorial, the type of session is totally up to you.

Third... We shoot all of the wedding party & family images 3 hours before the wedding ceremony.  There is a multitude of reasons that we do this, which I would be happy to share with you in person. We always set up an intimate first look with just the Bride & Groom.  It is the first time you see each other and regardless of where that is it is always an amazingly touching and breathtaking moment, which we of course hide in the bushes to capture every tear for you!"


The Day of

"We are there… the two of us, to capture every detail.  Locations are forever changing with variables like the time of year, the weather and the light at different times of the day, so we always arrive bright and early to re-evaluate and familiarize ourselves with the venue to determine where the best and most cohesive places are to create your photographs.

I always work with an assistant/ second shooter assuring that no detail ever go unnoticed. They are indispensable on every front, but most importantly in assisting to help create the perfect light for every situation. The second shooter works behind the scenes to capture all those “editorial”, often overlooked “Kodak” moments. They appreciate all the amazing details that you have painstakingly spent the last year picking out and aspires to capture the most creative, artistic images of each and every one.

We typically work for 6 hours, 3 before the ceremony and 3 more going from the ceremony into the reception,  but we are happy to tailor the time frame to suit your specific needs."