FAQS & Suggestions

Where do I get ideas for my pictures?

You could pick images out of our brochure, off our website or bring in “tears” out of magazines. Visuals are great for creative photo ideas. This will help convey to Colleen the mood or look you are after.

What clothing looks best for Black and White Photography?

In general, darker colored clothing photographs better, such as black, blue, gray, green, red, or brown, etc. Stay away from pastels and stark white. Try to avoid bold patterns, stripes and logos. Of course, there are always exceptions, for example if you own something that makes a particular statement about you.

What looks best for Color Photography?

Color definitely makes a statement and sets the mood for a portrait. Bold and bright colors can be lively, spunky and cheerful while pastels are softer and more romantic. Darker colors can be edgier, moody and more dramatic. Unless you are trying to make a bold statement, staying away from patterns and stripes is a good idea.

How many outfits should I bring?

Bring more than you think you might need. You will want to bring along 5 or more choices for Colleen to choose from and an array of accesories and props. More is always better!

What to wear for a group portrait?

Choose clothing in the same tonal range, i.e. do not mix light and dark values so that particular member stands out. Keep all patterns to a minimum. Solids look best.


It is a good idea to visualize your look from head to toe and then bring all the accessories you might need to complete it. For example: hats, scarves, hair clips, earrings, glasses, necklaces, belts, socks and shoes all help complete an outfit.

Skin Marks

Avoid imprint marks on skin from tight fitting straps and socks; come in wearing loose fitting clothes and no socks. You may be changing into an outfit where these marks will show. Girls, please no rubber bands around wrists.

Professional Styling Option

This is a wonderful way for women to start their photo session. Colleen says “When you look great, you feel great!” Therefore the image you project is a confident you. Come with a fresh, clean face so we can start your make-up from scratch. Bring along your own makeup bag filled with all your favorites. Your stylist will discuss with you and Colleen how you want to look throughout your session before starting. You then can relax and be pampered. Hair should be clean and styled the way you would normally wear it. Do not wear hair bands or clips that leave lines and marks. Do not use a lot of hairspray or gel in your hair that would make it difficult to re-style. We will work with your hair during the photo session to customize your look with your outfits. Let us know if this is something you are interested in when booking the appointment so we can reach coordinate with a stylist. Prices range from $75-150 depending on the type of styling.


It is perfectly fine to do your own makeup or wear none at all. Just be sure to come camera ready as much as possible. Remember to bring your makeup bag, brush or comb for touch-ups through out your session.

Tanning and Tan Lines

It’s a good idea to avoid tanning several days before your appointment date to avoid redness in your photos. Make sure to check your tan lines with your outfits because they will show up in the pictures. Tan lines can be removed digitally, however there is a charge.

Complexion Problems

Don’t worry if you have a break out before your appointment, our retouching experts can take care of most skin problems. Basic retouch is free of charge. We will remove skin blemishes and whiten teeth if needed. Additional retouch charges may apply.

Anything special for guys?

Yes. Shave prior to your photo session, but not right before your scheduled time. If you have any blemishes we can fix them, but not if the surrounding area is stubble. We recommend that dress shirts or slacks be ironed or your clothes will look wrinkled.


One way to handle braces is to minimize the big smiles during the photo shoot and just leave it at that. Secondly, if your braces are going to be removed, we can do a split session to get the photo for your yearbook deadline and have you come back when the braces are removed. Lastly, we do offer digital removal of braces for additional fees.


If you wear glasses most of the time you will probably want to wear them in most of your portraits. To eliminate the reflection and glare that happens from the lenses, you may want to call your optician and arrange to borrow a pair of empty frames or remove the lens. Glare on lenses is almost impossible to control and difficult to retouch.


The weather in Oregon is completely unpredictable where it can be pouring rain one minute and nice and sunny the next. Plan to keep your appointment as scheduled, but prepare to be flexible. About 95% of Colleen’s work is done by available light and her policy is not to compromise your pictures just to keep an appointment. The best idea (unless we have contacted you previously about drastic weather) is to come to the studio as scheduled, we will evaluate the conditions at that time. Remember sunny weather isn’t necessary for great pictures.

Buddy Pictures

Friends are always welcome to come with you and pose with you for a few shots at no extra charge. If you are interested in doing a fun group shot with more than one friend let us know and we can plan accordingly.


Props are a great way to show off your personal style, interests and activities. Musical instruments, sports equipment, jerseys, Letterman jackets, motorcycles, cars or a pet are some possibilities