BEFORE & AFTER--> why I don't release unedited photos


Often people ask me why I don't just shoot and release my images and the answer is simple, I want you to get your money's worth and the best final product I can offer!  This is why all of my packages include retouched images with the option of adding more.

The art of enhancing and retouching is something best left to professionals and for a good reason.  Do too much and you look "photoshopped"  do too little and it doesn't look finished.  Its a fine line and takes skilled hands and a trained eye.  Does that mean that everything I shoot needs to be retouched/enhanced? Absolutely not!  A lot of the time there is very little work needed but I still want the final say of what goes out into the world with my name on it.

Here are a couple examples to help you see the difference:



There's no denying this is one handsome subject but he had some skin inconsisantcies we wanted to address without making him look like a wax doll or loosing the highlights on his skin.  There were also some distracting things happening in the background we wanted to remove. 

This post is not a how-to by any means but I'll share a little bit about how we accomplished this....  in Photoshop->Patch Tool+Perfect Portrait+Skin Smoothing Action+Selective Color+Clone Tool+Paint Tool= PERFECTION!


I really wanted the colors to pop on this shot. I also wanted to bring up some of the shadows, pull out some of the blue in the shot and smooth the baby's skin.

I achieved this with a combination of Lightroom->Preset+Photoshop->Curves+Skin Smoothing Action+Dodge Tool+Paint Tool

You can imagine that this takes a bit of time and in truth it does but I've streamlined my process as much as possible and am continuing to find new tools/tricks every day!  No two images are approached the same way, and despite what some may elude to, there is no perfect preset/action to fix everything.

What do you think?  I'd love to hear your opinions on the ever popular Shoot & Share (all images) versus the Preset Package with retouched images.....