About the Photographer

Owner of Colleen Cahill Studios and The Historic Cedar School, Colleen brings forward the love of a person's individuality and capturing the essence of anything placed in front of her lens.

Born and raised in Portland OR, Colleen's passion for photography bloomed after a former teacher submitted her work to a local competition without her knowledge. Colleen was thrilled when she took 1st place in this competition and started on her path of growing her talent and becoming one of the founding and leading women in Fashion Photography within the Pacific Northwest.  With 30+ years in Wedding, Fashion, Portrait, Advertising, Corporate, Commercial, Stock and Environmental Photography; Colleen brings forth the product of a true professional in her craft, and a talent that has the versatility and quality to test the ever-changing trends and styles that have changed throughout the years.

Colleen has spent the last 20 years teaching lighting techniques to photography college students and specializes in natural and available light in her own craft.

When Colleen is not shooting you can find her chasing her grandson around and lounging in her ski boat on the Columbia River - admiring the beauty of life that she never fails to capture.